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Hi y'all!! In todays video James Charles & I sat down for a Chick-fil-a mukbang where we talk all about tiktok, life, and fun things coming up! Enjoy!!! :)
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Mar 31, 2020




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Steve Welford
Steve Welford 9 minutes ago
i love brown eyed girl addison rea im following you on tic tok
Denise Niazi
Denise Niazi 5 hours ago
I want to meet Addison and james
Asma Bi
Asma Bi 7 hours ago
James:ears burger in 3secs Addy:takes 3yrs to finish nuggets lol Warning(plz do not hate on me)
Stacy Brown
Stacy Brown 7 hours ago
She looks older than her age
Khair Rathi
Khair Rathi 11 hours ago
the last message....awwwww...🥺
Annie Allen
Annie Allen 20 hours ago
Addison i am so sorry but i think you and faze kay will be better then you and bryce hall
Liamgi Nuñez
Liamgi Nuñez 20 hours ago
Hi addison rea 😘😘😍😍😙😚😚😚😘😍
RobloxianPanda101 20 hours ago
James in March: I wanna hit 20 million in 2020 James in December: **has 24 million subscribers (one of those being me 😂)**
Carmen Kelly-Diggs
Carmen Kelly-Diggs 22 hours ago
Hey Addison rae
Carmen Kelly-Diggs
Carmen Kelly-Diggs 22 hours ago
Ho likes my comment
alisha yasmina
alisha yasmina 22 hours ago
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Arbelle Rosenberg
Arbelle Rosenberg 23 hours ago
Addison is such an inspiration
Leah Hutton
Leah Hutton Day ago
Robert Hewitt
My fellow simps get a life
Jaimie_Lynn ✨💋
Where’s Addison’s top from? It’s really cute
Nart Klaiqi
Nart Klaiqi Day ago
You gay james charles
10:55- 10:57 I’m dying 😭😭😭
Rose G
Rose G Day ago
Addison is my number one idol since birth
Robert Hewitt
You didn’t knew who she where so actually no
Nancy McDonagh
Like if pineapple a belongs on pizza
《¿ドリーム¿ 》
*me not paying attion and only watching them eat like..*👀
Marissa Serepongky
and I’m here with~ HI SISTERS ~✨James✨~ 😌
Son Hoang
Son Hoang Day ago
I love food
5TIME gunCREW_101
Am I the only one that had tiktok and had a fp of someone and wants to switch to addi :()
Eleanor Schlabs
Ok ok James I guess this is now your yt why is she so quiet and he’s just TAKING OVER
Z Shah
Z Shah Day ago
James: I really want to hit 20 MIL in 2020 *now close to 25mill*
Heather hayden
I love Chick-fil-A it is the best
Mikaelle Santos
Mikaelle Santos 2 days ago
James is good at giving devicee
AT 2 days ago
Alison Ray how old are you😂❤️🥰🥰🥰
Aubrey pruitt
Aubrey pruitt 2 days ago
ya'know chick-fil-a is racist
FaZe Ben123
FaZe Ben123 2 days ago
4:19 WOW
Fay Hogenkamp
Fay Hogenkamp 2 days ago
Audrey Kuo
Audrey Kuo 2 days ago
*cough cough* C-c-c-CARONA, you guys are soo lucky you get to hang out with friends :/
Audrey Kuo
Audrey Kuo 2 days ago
@Graphics Cartoonist Wait, are you talking about me or Addison Rae xD
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balerna Jon
balerna Jon 2 days ago
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Diane Elliott
Diane Elliott 2 days ago
James:stay clean and healthy Me evie:whilst you sat there eating chic-fla-ea
Graphics Cartoonist
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Livi Joy Vlogs
Livi Joy Vlogs 2 days ago
Sharon Mcgill
Sharon Mcgill 2 days ago
pineapple belongs on pizza
احمد خ س
احمد خ س 2 days ago
Vianey Soto
Vianey Soto 2 days ago
James : eats burger in like 3 seconds lol .
Madison Jones
Madison Jones 2 hours ago
I thought I was the only one who saw that lol
Andrea DuBose
Andrea DuBose 2 days ago
Me and my sister love tricks Chick Chick fil a
SyFe _Blitz
SyFe _Blitz 2 days ago
Why do you eat Chick-fil-A when your gay james
carvel gang
carvel gang 2 days ago
Bill boy I want you to be a boy I got to go
Graphics Cartoonist
Wonderful!!!!!! I came across your page, and it's was dope,you can also make a order your logo, Cartoon portrait,editing software,flyers,banner,labels,aminated,t-shirts,and you can also get a revamp of your logo and more!!!!!DM let work at a good rate💕💕💕💕
God Of War
God Of War 2 days ago
gayest guy out lmao
Tbh I say muck BANG
Blake TheGreat
Blake TheGreat 2 days ago
The only problem i have with this vid is you ate chick fil a without giving me some :(
Maria Hushon
Maria Hushon 2 days ago
The two best ticktockers
Rose Carmene
Rose Carmene 2 days ago
Lilly Leibach
Lilly Leibach 2 days ago
Pineapple belongs on pizza
Emma Sawatski
Emma Sawatski 3 days ago
I wanna hit 20 million in 2020...... Me: oh if only you knew 🥺 **he’s almost at 25 mil**
Ana V
Ana V 3 days ago
she looks so big hungry and hungry
Juan Segura
Juan Segura 3 days ago
Monster lol
nancyplays roblox:D
James: my goal is to stay safe and healthy. :while eating chik,ful,a
john Cenna
john Cenna 3 days ago
Why are they advertising these things to kids? 🤔 how is this normal? But if you question Covid19 or 9/11 you get banned!
Tiani Munguia
Tiani Munguia 3 days ago
Omg I am a big fan of both of you 🥰🥰 I will rely want to Meet you Gus
D B 3 days ago
Bryce hall might just be the cringiest guy in the world he exists in a void where bullying doesn’t happen
Marija Dimitrijevic
Emme Cook
Emme Cook 3 days ago
You should start making songs
Elina Hristova
Elina Hristova 3 days ago
I love you Addi.You is my queen.Plis follow me on Tik Tok.👉 💖
Reece Gordon
Reece Gordon 3 days ago
you have more subs then brice
CRAZO 3 days ago
OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ADDISON 💖😻 I THINK YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. YOU INSPIRED ME AND MY FRIENDS TO DO THIS USlift CHANNEL💖💖💖♥️ I know this isn't a different comment than any other one but, to me this one is very special.
Physixal Nobody
Physixal Nobody 3 days ago
Nobody: Not even Addison James Charles:so passionate about BQQ sauce
Rottenapples23 Rotten
I watch yourTikToks they are amazing
Lauren Seong
Lauren Seong 3 days ago
James: “it always opens halfway” Addison: “yup, always” Also Addison: opens it perfectly Me: AHA
Gabriella Lineberger
If only it was that easy to earn money by just eating and talking
wallpaper gaming
wallpaper gaming 3 days ago
my tik tok user is:GLLgoodforblack
addisonvsp 3 days ago
addi i make edits of you can you check me out💗
{Goona Games}
{Goona Games} 3 days ago
You should do ASMR together
Michaela P
Michaela P 3 days ago
pink&purple blossoms
simran samika
simran samika 3 days ago
Like if Addison is one of the best queens
Jennifer Mendez
Jennifer Mendez 3 days ago
When Addison asked “Who would you wanna go your last colab with” and they just sat there chewing and chewing 😂😂 the way Addison was staring at James head me dead 💀😂😂
The Happy Hummy
The Happy Hummy 3 days ago
the question is... wHo'S hOtTeR?
Siimplybiscuits !
I love you
Oscar Estrada
Oscar Estrada 3 days ago
Guys guys little late but me and addison share the same birthday
esraa ahmed
esraa ahmed 4 days ago
Beautiful girl I love you so sweet from Egypt 😘
ChampOnFN 4 days ago
Baseball gang👉
Sweet Addiison
Sweet Addiison 4 days ago
Dang she was bout to hit 10million and now she has 30.1million
Fariya Siddiqui
Fariya Siddiqui 4 days ago
Addison is so freaking cute
Fariya Siddiqui
Fariya Siddiqui 4 days ago
Addison: my biggest goal is to post on youtube Now: we beg her to post but she doesn't
Fariya Siddiqui
Fariya Siddiqui 4 days ago
Addison biggest goal in 2020: 10 mil on insta Now: she has over 30 mil
Jamari Boykin
Jamari Boykin 4 days ago
Can we just talk about Addison's face when James burped.
Kathleen McKee
Kathleen McKee 4 days ago
She wanted 10M on Insta in 2020; she's at 31M!
Breelyn Hise
Breelyn Hise 4 days ago
James Charles when he burps addisons face was like wait what she was littery like gosh
Jessica Rangel Jessica Rangel
if you stay at the end youll see a beuituiful message addision gave us.
Jessica Rangel Jessica Rangel
james:*burps* addision:um
Aldrin Arabejo
Aldrin Arabejo 5 days ago
Imagine.. a heart react from miss addison
Glossy Girl
Glossy Girl 5 days ago
I realy like you (btw i am a girl ) i am a big fan!
Glossy Girl
Glossy Girl 5 days ago
Are you charli demilios sister
Lucy Hannula
Lucy Hannula 5 days ago
James I want to hit 20 million in 2020 now hit 24 mil Addison wants to hit 10 million on Instagram no hit 31 mil in this year
Layla Lily boldy!
Does addi edit her vids? Alot
Bratz Doll
Bratz Doll 5 days ago
Meg Avak
Meg Avak 5 days ago
Natty H
Natty H 6 days ago
Hi Addison your Amazing
Marzieh Bardestani
hi addison i like you addison i love you is new and is cool you are beautiful addison i like your tik tok i love it thank you addison i love your video
Paul Lovitos
Paul Lovitos 6 days ago
Imagine getting heart to my crush
ابن العراق العراق
Hi sisters 🙄
Eifelschrauber 6 days ago
Im hungry
kameron Swaine
kameron Swaine 7 days ago
Emily Correa
Emily Correa 7 days ago
y’all keep making me hungry lol 😭
Connie Bishop
Connie Bishop 7 days ago
Addison you are so beautiful💕💕💕
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So.. I'm moving
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